The Macro team has over four decades of combined experience providing logistics services across North America and globally. The team is fluent in the latest shipping methods and technology, and pride themselves in providing unmatched customer experience, while helping clients achieve their goals.

We work hard to move your products quickly, safely, and efficiently.

Corey Timar


With over a decade being the shipper himself, Corey knows how crucial it is to know the location of your shipment at all times. He’s dedicated to closing the gap of uncertainty and providing real-time customer service. He wants to know his clients on a personal level, making it extra special when he helps them achieve their goals.

Quinten Cindrich


Having been in the industry for nearly 20 years as a shipper and working closely with many carriers, Quinten sees an industry need for more transparency and a hands-on customer experience. Knowing the needs of customers from an inside perspective, Quinten has learned what is needed to exceed everyone’s expectations!

Mike Thompson


Mike’s true strengths lie in organization and creating mutually beneficial solutions for his customers. Backed by twenty-five years of experience in fleet management, freight brokerage, and business finance, Mike’s main focus is keeping your freight secure and cost-effective in order to maintain great, ongoing relationships.

As a team, we will continuously look for opportunities to save you time and money. We’re not satisfied with the status quo and as we uncover better and smarter ways to ship, we will implement them with our clients immediately.

– Team Macro